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With a variety of flavors and combos, Crunch Pak delivers a healthy snack fit for every activity and knock the snack game out of the park!


Made for big families, big appetites and this Saturday’s hungry soccer team. Load up for less!


Our certified organic snacks provide a guaranteed fresh and crunchy sweetness for the mindful eater.

Family Size

Crisp, wholesome, great-tasting apple slices are the ultimate way to eat, bake and snack fresh more often. Open up a family-sized bag and use them anywhere you’d use fresh whole apples!

Food Service

Our fresh sliced apples packaged perfectly for restaurants, schools and any large group looking for flavor and convenience.


Delightfully aromatic and perfectly ripe, these pears make for a great treat.

Party Trays

Feed your crowd in style with our impressive party trays!

Variety Specific

Great flavor with every bite!


Apples and pears are a part of the rose family

Yep, apples, along with pears, plums, cherries, and peaches are all members of the rose family of plants.