Our Growers

Without growers, we would not exist.

We believe that while looking out for our customers, we can look out for our growers best interests as well.

Washington apple growers work year-round to produce top-notch quality fruit for the world to enjoy. The amount of dedication the growers provide, allows us to produce the highest-quality, best-tasting fruit to our customers. From pruning trees in the winter months, to carefully observing the spring blooms, to hand-picking the harvest in the fall, our growers pledge their lives to ensure that their orchards thrive.

We work with growers that supply apples worldwide, growers that supply to local areas, and growers that supply fruit nationwide. Crunch Pak is extremely fortunate that our dedicated growers take such pride in their work and produce some of the best tasting apples and pears around the world.

We Thank You!