Our Story

Our Story

Nearly two decades ago, in the heart of Washington State, Crunch Pak was born. Throughout many years, Wenatchee Valley blossomed into an abundance of agricultural possibilities by harnessing electrical power and irrigation water from the mighty Columbia River. With acres of land, farmers began to plant seeds of fruit trees, crops, and other agricultural goods.

As it turned out, the apple and pear trees thrive in this region all thanks to the perfect climate conditions it continuously offers. The growers in our valley and in our state have made Crunch Pak possible. We rely heavily on Wenatchee Valley growers to ensure that customers are getting the most amazing, juicy, delicious slices of apples and pears.

Who Are We?

Crunch Pak innovates the snacking industry by serving freshly sliced apples—but we don’t only serve sliced apples. Throughout our success, we have expanded our product line into many more options for those who love convenient, easy, and healthy snacking. We aim to make snacking fun and easy by providing a variety of fresh fruit, cheese, and other proteins to complete your hunger & craving needs on-the-go.

Our Purpose

To positively inspire and influence the health, well-being, and overall quality of life of every person, family, community, and generation that Crunch Pak has the Privilege of serving.

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Our Mission

To create the safest, highest quality, best tasting nutritional snack that delight and satisfy our customers!

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Our growers make sure the apples they grow are the highest quality product.

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